Ways to detect Parkinson’s disease early

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With the increase in the age and technology people are facing several new diseases. Among them, Parkinson’s disease is the most commonly heard these days. The reasons for this disease are not known exactly but the disease makes its attack on the neurons. This disease can be detected with the following symptoms. 


Usually, people feel these tremors when they did something strong or something that used a lot of energy. Some people get these tremors when they are feeling hungry from a long time. The same symptoms are seen when they are affected with Parkinson disease. In this disease, the patient will be suffering from small tremors in the hands and in the fingers.

Changed writing

In our childhood, we used to write bigger letters on a book but when we grow elder we decrease the size of the words. It is a normal thing but when you find a sudden change in your writing and the size of the words then you can tell that you are about to get affect by the Parkinson disease. As the neurons are affected by this disease, several changes will occur in your body and behavior.


Before eating food you can simply tell the name of that recipe with its smell. And when you are suffering from cold or blocked nose then you can’t do that. But one of the symptoms is that you cannot feel the smell of any food even your work is working fine. This is another notable symptom.


Though you work hard for a full day, you will be taking rest in the night. Good sleep will help in relaxing your body. But in this disease, people cannot sleep. They get some inadequate sleep and they become tired. There will be some peculiar actions done when you are asleep and this will indicate you about the disease.

Leg movement

In old age, people finds it hard to walk as they lose their strength in their legs and joints. Proper medication will help you. But if there is any affect by the Parkinson disease then you will find it difficult to walk or move. It feels like you have grown roots firmly into the ground and unable to move.


Constipation is common with a change in lifestyle and age. But you can also find this symptom when you have this disease. If you are straining a lot hard to make your bowl moment go soft, then you need to go and meet a doctor to test if this is the result of Parkinson disease.


People can identify the changes in your face. You might faint or feel dizzy while you are awake. Your face will be in a serious look or sometimes on a sad look. And this will be an indication too. To make sure you are healthy you need to meet a doctor who is specialized in neurology.



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