Ways to boost your kid's IQ

Ways to boost your kid’s IQ

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Now a days , from our childhood even, we start running in a race and keeping our position on top we need a daily IQ booster . In fact your kid’s brain has reached 90% of its size at the age of 4 only but it doesn’t mean after that development will stop but yeah it get slower . So here i am sharing best way to boost the IQ of our kids :

Healthy mind stay in healthy body : This phrase, most of us must have listen many times , its just a simple sentence but with deep meaning. For a healthy mind it’s a most important thing to keep your body healthy , try to understand all their physical problems , Visit doctor on regular check-up. Generally kids are not able to understand their health problem on initial stage and  then parents  get to know the problem once they become serious. A proper diet and activities are the simple way to achieve healthy body. Even this is the way to develop self esteem in kids.


Involve them in general logical question : Involving your kids in logical riddles a best way to Promote critical thinking in kids, now a days multiple kind of riddle solving
website present on internet choose the best one site as per your kids age and encourage them to solve the puzzle and try to indulge yourself while they try to solve the problem. Here we are sharing some of the best website which can help you to achieve this .




Ask them to do general calculation without calculator : This is the most common mistake which now a days parents generally do , in this computer era people promote to do all kind of calculation on calculator and kids copied their parents in each and every thing they love to walk the same way as you did , even they adopt your each and every daily activity  So first try to avoid calculator for general calculation . Calculation is the best way to make your kids brain active.



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