Ways to boost babys brain development during pregnancy

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The foundation of kid’s brain falls within womb, this is the time when you can shape your kids brain and personality. The development of this has a profound effect on his ability to learn and personality. Every parents want to give a good start of life to their kids they want them to get ready for coming life from womb. A balanced and good diet is the first step of good life.

There are many factors apart from good diet which directly impact the mental and intelligence of a kids. These all factor directly relate to the mother and her surroundings. Here we will have a small discussion on the factors which can help a mother to boost and shape kids’ brain in early age of pregnancy:

  1. Food: Omega 3 is the most helpful acid for the child born in womb. Would be mother should try to consume the food which has Omega 3 in good amount here Like Fish Oil, Wild Rice Soya been.                                                                                            Five foods that help baby to grow . Check here
  2. Removing Stress from the Baby in Womb :Stress is the thing which discourage the baby in womb so it is must to keep pregnant women far from the things which can have any kind of stress. If pregnant lady win on stress and anxiety you can face anything of the world. Stress is the factor which impact directly kid’s mental ability as well personality.                                                                                                                          How meditation help in pregnancy : check here.
  1. Exercise: Light exercise during pregnancy help kids in breathing it improve the ability of breathing and nervous system in child. It has been proven that the child of women who do exercise while pregnancy are quite clever and intelligent in compare to who don’t. Exercise also impact the brain development of child directly.

Safe and simple workout for pregnant women : check here

  1. Increasing the right amount of weight for the baby’s development in womb: pregnant women weight is direct prepositional of child’s weight. If mother puts on the excessive weight the kid also gets bigger in the womb which can cause undesired complexity in delivery and impact kid’s brain as well. And on the other side, less weight can reduce the size of child’s brain and head  which directly related to Kid’s IQ. As per doctor , during pregnancy weight should increase ideally 25 to 30 pounds.
  2. Listen music : it may seems shocking but its fact then child can hear mother’s voice when child is in womb. You should listen music while pregnancy it makes your kid’s mind calm in the womb but choice of music is also important here .sweet classical music is all about comforting mom and child. It helps to consolidate kid’s mind. When you child is 23 weeks old you should increase the amount of music you listen.
  3. Touching baby from outside : For an unborn baby, mothers touch is very precious.  This can be an important steps to reach the mind of child and to develop it  to make it wise.  It’s a way to make a connection with the child from outside we already discussed child, when they are in womb can hear and identify mother’s voice . mother should try to talk and tell story to child . By doing so in womb going forward child will go a long way in reading writing and other creativity.
  4. Stimulate the baby : There are many way to stimulate a baby and influences his way of senses . Light which is coming into the mother’s stomach may effect the child . Baby kick into the womb and express the reaction towards light.



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