Mental depression

The way you need to maintain your mental health

Most of the mental health issues come when you don’t pay enough attention to the biggest processing unit in your body. Paying attention to your brain will help you in many ways. If you don’t then you will be the next person to get affected with Alzheimer or any other brain-related problems.

Heart way

Brain and heart are related together, whatever your heart does, and it is all controlled by the brain and vice versa. If you smoke or drink or eat and sleep you are about to have a heart stroke. This affects your blood pressure and causes obesity and diabetes and all these finally affect your brain. The blood flow becomes irregular and it may even clot in your brain. So, quit all of them.


Almost all the adult health issues come when they stop producing enough testosterone. This very special hormone will help in boosting the health of the brain if supplied in required amounts. So, maintain a good level of testosterone by performing some workouts or some physical activity. A diet that boosts testosterone levels is advised.

Move your body

The simple relation between workout and the brain is the more you work, the active your brain will work. The production of neurons will take place when you are working. Though you might be old, but you can do some gardening or shopping or walk to keep your brain health and yourself free from mental health disorders.


These are not chocolates to eat whenever you need. These antibiotics will show a strong impact on your brain and this will keep you down. So, an antibiotic is to be taken when suggested but not when interested. Some medicines will show negative effects on your brain. So, when you find them try to stop using them.



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