Useful Skin Care Tips in Summer Days

When it is summer we see people using lotions and coveralls to protect their body from tan. Tanning is very common in summer; this is because of the excessive secretion of fats from the body. This will make your body look sweaty and dull. To overcome this problem people undergo several skin treatment services. These are helpful but give you some side effects. The following are the natural skin care treatment procedures that can be followed in your home.

Lime and aloe

This is one of the best skin care tips that is made at home. Take some lemon and add few slices of aloe Vera and grind them well. Apply this to your face and legs and arms. The lemon will clean the skin from inside and the aloe Vera will heal any skin problems. So, this is also used in many skin disorders treatment.

Gram and curd

The curd is not just for eating, it will also help in maintaining a healthy skin. It cools your skin when the skin is subjected to long-term exposure to sunlight. You can make a paste of this gram flour and curd and apply it to your face and wait. On the other hand, gram flour is also used as a scrub and this gives softness to the skin.

Turmeric and Honey

Turmeric is available in every kitchen. This is the best home remedy for skin disorders treatment. Adding a few drops of honey will help in clearing the Tan. Turmeric also acts as an antiseptic to heal any infections and cuts. Honey can help you in moisturizing the skin.

Rosy sandal

This is not any new name. It is made with rose water and sandal wood paste. Apply it allover the tanned skin and later clean with cold water to get a good glow. Sandal wood cools your skin.



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