Urinary problems during pregnancy

Urinary problems during pregnancy

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The female reproductive system is prone to many infections and problems during pregnancy. As the baby is growing in the uterus and the hormones show different reactions on the body. The following are the most common problems during pregnancy and the tips to take care of them.

Vaginal Discharge

  • Many women find some discharge through vagina. This is not any disease. The body cleanses all the waste materials and send them out of the body from different routes and this is one among them. This is very normal, occurs when the layers of vaginal muscles grow thick, and increases the cells lining.
  • This is because the estrogen production is high in quantity. The main use with this is, it makes prepares the vagina for birth. When there is an increase in the discharge then it indicated the cells are high in quantity. It is not a trigger until it is in small quantities.
  • If the discharge is heavy, use some pads and if there is any foul odor or blood in that discharge, consult a doctor. There is no serious threat to the kid’s health with this problem.

Infection in the urinary tract

  • From the food you take and the water you drink, some bacterial infections make occur to your urinary tract. During urination if you feel some stinging sensation, then it is a sign that tells about the presence of a bacterial infection in the bladder. Other symptoms include pain in the abdomen muscles and some pain in the lower back.
  • The hike in the production of estrogen will make your urinary tract prone to infections. These problems are to be taken care immediately as they may take the infection to the other level. They can even spoil the kidneys and then affects the heart. Sometimes the baby also catches this infection.
  • All you have to do is just keep yourself hydrated and this will flush all the infections out of your body. Do not leave any infection go big during pregnancy, as these will worsen the other female health issues in you.

No urine

  • This is the most common problem in which there will be an urge to go to the bathroom but there is nothing to come out. Normally urine passes through urethra and during pregnancy, this urethra gets block. This is because when the baby is growing your bladder pushes itself into your abdomen.
  • You need to put immediate check on that as it may result in damaging the kidneys. In these situations, the baby turns his position and this will allow space for the urine to go. If this did not happen naturally, then seeking a doctor help will make it work. The doctor will insert a catheter into the bladder to drain all the urine blocked inside.


  • This is one kind of fungal infection, which increases the discharge through vagina. Sometimes you will find it painful during the intercourse and some itchiness. This is does not harm the baby, but if it is still there during delivery, then it will affect the baby also. Use prescribed medicine and stop using aromatic and perfumed soaps.





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