Things about the ninth month during pregnancy

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Ninth month here

  • All months are different from the ninth month of pregnancy. This is the most awaited time to deliver a baby. A mother needs to take care of the kid’s health in this stage with extra care. The food, the sleep and everything you do will affect the health of the baby. Whatever the food you take, supply goes to the baby also. Therefore, check what you are eating and drinking.

Chemistry inside

  • Amniotic fluid is present in a sac that protects the fetus. The placenta plays a role in providing the required nutrients and oxygen to the baby. The umbilical cord is the bridge between the mother and the growing child. When you have any health care services near you, make sure you are visiting them frequently to get suggestions.

Take care of health

  • Women’s health issues also show an impact on the baby. If a pregnancy is suffering from diabetes or any heart disorders, then you need to take extra care. Keep your weight in control as they help in lowering the risk of diseases. An over-weighted mother gives birth to a baby that has some birth defects. Also, keep an eye on your immunity system and take prescribed medication to avoid infections to the baby.

Physics outside

  • You will be feeling many changes in your body during this month. Blood flow increases and your ankles get swollen, navel pierces out and pain in the lower back increases. Your skin changes its color to little brown. Later, when the baby moves its position to the uterus, the weight and the pressure changes and you can breathe easy. No one can predict labor, so you need to prepare yourself for this. When the amniotic fluid starts leaking, you need to rush to the hospital as soon as possible. This is usually termed as a water    
  • The alertness for a labor increase as delivery might happen at any time. You need to pay very close attention to this.

Baby inside

  • In this month the baby is ready with his/her lungs developed and starts breathing through that fluid. The little guy’s brain developed and almost every part of it is also developed.
  • As the size of the baby increases, the space inside the womb will become less and the baby moves less. Now you are carrying more than two and a half kilograms weight in your womb. So, you need to be very careful.

What to do?

  • You can try taking a dip so that you can feel some less weight and relaxed. When your body starts aching, you can take warm water bath to get some relief.
  • Everyone around will be happy to see the baby and excited so spend more time with the family members.
  • Don’t go through any mental stress or don’t sit in front of the computer too long. This may affect the baby.
  • Sleep well but don’t tumble round. Sit straight to improve the support for your back.



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