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The very beginning of the mothers.

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What happens to her?

  • After the menstrual cycle, an egg is released and this process is called ovulation. The released egg is called ovum. The released egg is then sent to the fallopian tubes. The sperm enters the reproductive system and penetrates into the ovum. This process is called as fertilization. This fertilized egg is then called as a zygote. And this zygote settles in the uterus. As a part of the pregnancy care tip, you are supposed to take folic acid and you can use it until the twelfth week.

Stages in Zygote

  • When the zygote is in the fallopian tube, it undergoes many changes. It contains different cells and they start dividing during their stay in the fallopian tube. This contains a full pack of chromosomes that make the baby unique. The zygote takes three to five days to reach the uterus. In the uterus, the cells in the zygote continue their division. The zygote has a special covering with “zona pellucida”.
  • This will help the zygote to reach the uterus but not any other place from the fallopian tube. During the journey to the uterus, the zygote becomes a hive for cells and here it is called as a morula. This morula is will bulge and becomes a bubble. These cells are later developed into the respiratory and digestive systems in the baby.

Stages in blastocyst

  • The bubble is now called as the blastocyst. The blastocyst will reach the uterus. During this process, the zona pellucida is removed and the blastocyst will stick to the walls of the uterus. Surprisingly, all this process takes place in a time span of one week to nine days after the fertilization took place.
  • Now this contains hundreds of cells and needs nourishment. For this, the blastocyst is absorbed into the deeper walls of the uterus. From here the direct feeding takes place.
  • The hormones like estrogen and progesterone play a vital role in settling the blastocyst. During this stage, a mother can have sore breast and some fatigue. There are chances of bleeding as the egg gets settled in the uterus. This is very common and not painful. For the sake of the kid’s health, you must get enough vitamin D even after pregnancy.

Stages in Embryo

  • After four weeks the blastocyst is called as an embryo. As the nourishment comes from the uterus, the cells start dividing into some vital organs and the skeleton. Here, the embryo is three layered. Specific parts are formed from each layer. The placenta is formed during this stage.
  • In this stage, the baby starts developing. The small heart starts beating, a small face that is taking its shape can be seen and very small limbs will start growing.
  • This is usually called as a fetus. The first and the outer layer of the embryo will be developed into nervous system, eyes, nose ears and mouth. The second layer will be developed into the circulatory system and skeletal system and reproductive system, kidneys. The third layer will become the digestive, respiratory, hormone system and different glands.



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