Ten calorie torching winter sports

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The chilling nights and cold mornings will never let you get off your bed early. In other seasons you can get up and do your work. And there are a few problems with the winter season. Usually in winter people who are obese and suffering from some respiratory problems are likely to face serious health issues. For this, you need to burn some calories. As people are not doing any workouts or any high-level physical activity they are not going to lose any calories. Instead, they become fat. Before going to bed people will be planning about the workouts to be done in the morning in the gym, but they skip that part and sleep till the day becomes warm.

Here are the ten winter sports that can help you burn some calories. You don’t have to wake up early in the morning for doing these. Usually, you sweat when you burn some calories.


This is one best sport that will help you keeping your muscles tight and toned. Play some music and start riding in a lonely place or just go for a ride with your partner. Cycling for few kilometers will expose you to the sunlight and burns some calories in your thighs and lower abs and the upper body too.

Ice hockey

This is one good sport that will keep you busy and burn serious calories. Playing this sport in a group will improve the legs power and burns your tummy fat and makes you active all day.


The best sport that help you in making your brain run. This sport is fun and at the same time, it burns a lot of calories. The speed of the board and the way you control the board and the hitting air will burn your calories. The total body needs balance this makes the core active and burns calories.


Two sticks that help in maintaining balance used in this sport are actually working on your upper body and on your core. This sport has a good demand in winter so you can spend some calories on learning this or by going for a try.


This sport is fun to watch and play also. The game is similar to hockey but little big. The game is usually played in teams and this game also burns some calories.

Cross country

This is the best way to burn the calories. You can run for kilometers without any stress or tired feeling as there will be very less sweat. The only advantage with winter is that you will never get tired even if you are working under the sun.

Martial Arts

The intention is not about fighting but burning some calories. There are different kinds of arts in this and you can try Kung fu, karate, boxing or even tai chi

Ball games

Cricket, basketball, football, baseball all comes under this category and you will be enjoying these games and at the same time, you will be burning some calories. You can try these games in your backyard if you cannot go out.

Jump rope

This is a small sport that burns higher calories from your body. It works on your lower body and also on your upper body hence making a balanced burn off calories.


Some sports like gymnastics or bodybuilding or any other can be done in the gym. You can use the equipment to burn the calories as well as improve the endurance.        



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