symptoms shows you are suffering from mental illness

Symptoms shows you are suffering from mental illness

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Mental illness is such a diseases in which brain doesn’t work the way it should. It is caused by a fusion of psychological factors, and environmental factors. It also happens because of an improper balance of chemicals in the brain. Neurotransmitters are responsible for communication of nerve cells with the brain. Mental illness also happens by using addictive substances like alcohol, cocaine, cigarettes.

Although, mental illness can be treated if proper care is taken. The correct treatment can help a person’s condition to improve his health, despite the presence of some ongoing symptoms.

Symptoms of Mental illness include:

1)      Serious tiredness and low energy: A person starts feeling tired and is not able to continue the work with the same level of energy he used to. He always feels sick and gets frustrated easily.

2)      Trouble in understanding the situations: It becomes extremely difficult to understand about the situation and the intensity of the issue. He seems far away from reality world and feels detached from other members.

3)      Suicidal thinking: Negativity takes over his mind and he starts thinking that nothing positive will happen to him. He even starts to think about doing suicide.

4)      Excessive fear: He loses the confidence about doing the things and is unable to complete the simple day to day tasks and fear takes over his mind.

5)      Loves to remain isolated: The person isolates himself from his family and friends.

Treatment for the person suffering from mental illness can be done using psychological methods as well as medications. Psychological treatments can reduce the pain associated with symptoms and can even help minimizing the signs themselves. These therapies may take weeks or months to show benefits. Medicines like an antidepressant, Antipsychotic   are mainly helpful for people who are more significantly affected by mental illness.

If you feel someone you know is suffering from such diseases, take him immediately to the doctor, or even can have an honest discussion with him or her about your concerns. A lot of intensive care is required in such cases.



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