symptoms of depression

Symptoms of depression and anxiety of teenagers

It is not a new word. People always are anxious and this leads them to many problems in their lives. There are several cases of this anxiety and majority are from the teenagers. This problem is because of the psychological conditions from the childhood.

 Thousands of teenagers are worried and stressed for many reasons in today’s life. Causes of mental illness can affect every aspect of a teenager life including the family, education, love, and many other things. We can see some teenagers lose their focus on their goals and become isolated socially. Anxiety disorders will not stop there, they will lead to depression symptoms also.

Studies confirm that anxiety is in our body to protect us from threats. Anxiety disorders can even come from genes. This is not just because of the surroundings. The age of the teenager and the development of brain can also bring this. During this age, teenagers avoid talking to the parents or spending time with them.

However, it is the duty of the parent to take care of their children. As the teenagers need independence, they try to deny parents help. Teenagers do not become lazy, but they are suffering from some mental health disorders. First, find the fears in the teenagers and then try encouraging them to fight those fears.

This way a teenager can take that as a challenge and win that situation. Teenagers think about many things, which make them anxious. They think everything in extreme and always assume the defeat even before starting a work. They never look at the bright side of a task and only focus on the negative sides. Anxiety will never stay at the top level always. It will again come back. Therefore, you need to find how and when. Avoidance will worsen the fear in your teen.          



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