Summer care for your hair

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Most people worried about summer as it brings sweat and smell. Growing long hair is an irritating issue with all this heat and sweat. So, is there any way to protect the hair during summer and are there any hair care home remedies to help to maintain good and long hair? Yes, follow these steps to get what you want.

To avoid the hair loss problems in summer, you need to protect the hair from sunlight. The UV radiations will damage your hair. So apply some UV protection conditioner to your hair while you are planning to go out. At least cover your hair with a scarf or a hat.

The other hair care tips to follow are by leaving your hair flow instead of tying it tight, mixing some avocado oil with aloe Vera juice and applying it to hair. Because when you are tying your hair tight, it will not have enough room to breathe and this result in sweating.

Washing your hair regularly will not make your hair wet, instead it dries the whole content. So, wash your hair weekly twice or thrice. Pollution will also show a lot of effect on your hair. So, prefer staying indoors as much as possible.

The best natural hair treatment is to keep you away from stress. Stress is one of the reasons to lose hair. So, stay calm and take enough rest. Hair grows when the sleep is good and the mind is calm. Most important thing to remember is that when you take balanced diet, hair will grow which means hair needs enough vitamins and minerals to grow. So, feed your hair with the right food and it grows long and silky even it is hot outside.

Try massaging your hair with some warm coconut oil and try keeping your hair hydrated as much as possible.  



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