How stress affects your sex life

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Stress affects your life badly. When something is haunting your mind, you can’t do anything apart from thinking about the issue that is making you stressed. One of the things that are badly affected due to stress is nothing but your sex life. Stress with some of the outside factors can negatively affect your sex life.

Reasons behind stress may be many. You definitely need to find the root cause for your stress. Stress not only affects your mood but also affects sexual parts of your body. Men may even get erectile dysfunction due to stress and anxiety and women may get sexual dysfunction due to hormonal changes. Loss of libido is also one of the main symptoms that your sex life is getting affected.

  • Stress often leads to getting indulge in consuming alcohol which can lead to poor sexual functioning.
  • When you are stressed, you tend to fight with your partner thus resulting in less interest in sexual drives and also a lack of interest in
  • When you are stressed, you tend to give less time to your partner and thus misunderstanding and difference of thoughts do happen.
  • Stress also affects your desire to take naps which result in lowering the level of testosterone the sex driving hormone in both men and women.
  • The medicines that are treated for anxiety also decreases sex drive.
  • Sometimes, when you are stressed, you tend to exercise more even after a hectic day of working resulting in libido-sapping exhaustion.

Life is short, it is important to enjoy it. Make sure you take regular breaks from existing schedule. Go for a vacation that can de-stress you and enjoy the best moments with your partner.



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