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For Skin Care Treatment Drinks That Chill You In This Hot Summer

The main problem what people complain about is dehydration. They feel weak and stressed all day because they are losing more and more water content. Though you are drinking more and more water, the tongue needs some change and something that activates your taste buds. They following are the five drinks that will help you in chilling out. At the same time, you need to follow Global healthcare tips to get the healthy and glowing skin.

Citric acid

Yes, but it is not harmful acid. This is found in fruits like oranges and lemon. So grab a big sized orange and a lesson and squeeze them into a glass and add some water and sugar. Serve immediately with ice cubes to keep your internal heat levels low. This drink will help you in cleaning your body from inside and sends out the toxins from your body. This is used as a natural skin care treatment.

Melon and melon

Watermelon contains more water and it will make you full. So take a fresh melon and add some cucumber to it. Add some mint leaves to add a little spice to the drink. Blend it will and drink a cool sip. This juice will take out all the heat from your body.

Minty mint

If you are looking to burn your calories in summer, you can have a glass of mint juice. Take some mint leaves and add some hot water to them. Let the leaves get some heat and then remove the leaves and cool the liquid. After it is cooled drink with some ice. This is one of the weight loss tips used all-around the globe.

Drinking plenty of water will kick the toxins and fat out of your body and keeps it hydrated for a long time.



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