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No one is protected in this world from sexually transmitted disease, be it of any sex. Like men, the sexual disease can happen to women via sexual intercourse with a person who is already infected with sexual infection. The severity of these diseases can be from mild level to severe.

It is not easy to detect sexually transmitted disease since many of the symptoms are similar to another normal disease as well. And it is important to know that many of STD does not show any symptom at all.

While many of the diseases can be cured via antibiotic treatment, many of them still don’t have any cure at all. We will let you know some of the symptoms of STD that can be seen among Women.

Rashes on the Vagina: The rashes may be accompanied by bumps and sores. These can be painful and itchy as well. If left untreated, these rashes can also lead to serious complications, depending on the root cause.

Pain while having Sex:  Many women experience pain while having sexual intercourse. This is one of the symptoms of sexually transmitted disease.

Bleeding while on periods: Infection of the womb can be a serious worry as it can be something related to sexually transmitted disease.

Fever: The herpes virus is responsible for fever. This is one of the symptoms of sexually transmitted disease.

Vaginal Itching: Wrong bacteria near Vagina can grow and can lead to an infection. Other symptoms are with inflammation, burning, and a smelling odor.

Sometimes, these symptoms take some time to develop in women’s body. It is really important for women that if they see any of the mentioned symptoms, they get tested and take doctor’s assistance.




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