Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Men: Symptoms

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Sexually transmitted disease is of a kind that can make you sleep fly away. They are basically kind of infections that are transmitted via sexual intercourse. Also known as sexually transmitted infections, some of the diseases might show symptoms while others do not if after being present in the body.

Anyone who gets engaged in sexual intercourse is viable to get Sexually transmitted diseases irrespective of the age. Using protection while sex or not doing it at all are the only things that may save you from such deadly disease.

This Disease can happen to do both Men and Women. We will discuss more STD in Men.

The severity of sexually transmitted disease may vary from person to person and it is also complicated to check whether a person is really suffering from a Sexually transmitted disease.

Some of the symptoms include:

  • Pain while Urinating: Burning during urination can be dangerous and is one of the symptoms of sexually transmitted disease. There are other diseases as well due to which this kind of pain can happen. Therefore, it is important to get it checked from the doctor.
  • Itching on the top of the Penis: This can be extremely uncomfortable for anyone. This can also cause difficulty while urination, sexual relations.
  • Unusual discharge from Penis: This is a strong symptom of a sexually transmitted disease. As soon as you see this happening, it is important to get doctor’s assistance.
  • Weight Loss: If you have noticed that you are losing weight, you may be suffering from one of the symptoms of STD.
  • Rashes on the Penis: This typically appears after you’ve developed a fever and experienced other flu-like symptoms. Although, these rashes tend to appear on the upper body and face, it can appear anywhere on the body, including the penis.

You can definitely do some effort in order to prevent these diseases from happening to you. Using Condoms, limiting the number of people you do intercourse with are some of the things you can care about.




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