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Sexual health is an important aspect of human health and their well-being. If you are not enjoying sex life, you are missing something really great.

There are many things that constitute your sexual well-being. For a healthy sex life, you need to be comfortable with your partner. Along with this, you need to check if you or your partner is not suffering from any sexually transmitted disease. That is why sexual education is really important.

Keeping in mind the risks associated and for healthy sex life, government, administration and other private healthcare service providers in each country provide health care services to the citizen. These Health care services are free in most of the countries and are easily available regardless of any age or sex or of any origin.

The basic services provided in these centers are:

  • Testing for sexually transmitted diseases: Sexually transmitted diseases can be easily overlooked since they do not show any sign or symptoms in most of the people who are infected. The only way people can know that they are suffering from sexual disease is by testing. You can talk to your healthcare provider if you had unprotected sex with your partner.
  • Genitourinary medicine clinics: These clinics provide advice about sexual health. Free condoms and emergency contraception are also provided at these clinics. These clinics also have testing centers for testing HIV and usually test results are given in 30 minutes.
  • SEXUAL ASSAULT REFERRAL CENTRES: These clinics have a forensic medical examination which can conduct tests for sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. Results of the forensic examination are not made public without individual’s consent. These clinics also have trained professionals who give medical help and advice.




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