How sex helps in maintaining the shape of body

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Most of us know that sex is one of the best ways to get relieved from stress and tension. However, this isn’t the only benefit you get with sex. Having sex daily sex has numerous benefits that give you extra reasons to get close with someone.  This has been scientifically proved that a healthy sex life can provide you a longer, healthier and enjoyable life. Regular sex also helps in maintaining the shape of the body. Want to know how?

  1. Sex makes you look young: There is no doubt in the fact that sex makes everyone happy. Sex helps in renewing the skin. The more sex you have, the more oxygen is injected into your body which regulates the blood flow. The healthy cells which were lying somewhere down are pushed towards the surface of the skin, thus creating a younger The shape of your body remains the same even with the increasing age.
  2. You never gain weight with regular sex: Regular sex raises the level of insulin like growth factors which are responsible for controlling the fat metabolism. When higher levels of this type of insulin are released, it breaks the fatty tissues in the body therefor promoting lean muscles.
  3. Sex removes extra calories: One of the best exercises, sex can also help in removing the extra calories you too during the day. 20 minutes of sex which includes foreplay can burn 100 calories. This number increases when you try out a new position. You can definitely get your body in shape by burning these extra calories.
  4. Regular sex promotes muscle growth: More sex means more release of testosterone. The more testosterone means more muscle growth in the body.
  5. Improving the Immunity: Well, if you want your body in good shape, you need to avoid getting sick. Having sex on regular basis help in releasing hormones and chemicals which improve the immunity.




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