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Secret to Keep Mind and body in shape

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Keeping Mind and body in good shape is the biggest blessing one can get in life.

The work schedule has become so hectic that people don’t find time to meditate yoga/exercise as a result of which our body has become home to many diseases like Diabetes, Anemia and Rickets. The names of these diseases seem short but they can affect our body to a great extent.

Subjecting to the ill effects of the diseases, it becomes really important to take out few minutes of our schedule and exercise.

Exercise makes our body healthier. Below are some of the facts that may surprise you, if you exercise:

  • You can reduce the risk of heart disease by 35% if you exercise regularly.
  • Type 2 diabetes risks & colon cancer risk can be reduced by 50%.
  • Reduction in breast cancer risk by over 15%.
  • You can reduce the risk of early death by 30%.

Here are some doings and don’ts that you may follow to live a fruitful life:

  • Happiness via healthy lifestyle

Happiness is a key component of living healthy life. Do things which make         you happy. Get out of your daily schedule and do something different every day. Learn something new be it a different sport or learning a new instrument.

  • Importance of water for functioning of the brain

Water keeps the body cooler, and the blood less viscous. Both are really important to make your brain function.

  • Avoid “Too hot or too cold” food

This suspends digestion & wastes body energy. Eat food warm, but not too hot. Avoid iced drinks before, during and after meals. It creates mucous & digestive problems.

  • Do not eat to your full capacity

By Overeating, You eliminate more than consume. Brain loses a lot of blood and can cause deadly diseases.


  • Go Outdoors after meals

This improves health and increase life’s longevity. Oxygen helps to digest the food faster than anything. This exercise adds 20 to 30 healthy years to your life. Even 15 minutes will work.

  • Avoid routine which makes you sit after the meal

TV or computer work after meals causes’ poor digestion and stomach has to make a lot of effort to digest the food

  • Do not have heavy meal before bed time

After evening time is rest time for stomach. Eat the last meal at least 3-4 hours before sleep. Sleeplessness can happen if you eat something an hour before you go to sleep.


The above points if followed can make your life healthier and wealthier.

Be the owner of a fruitful mind and soul.



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