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Depression of any kind is dangerous to the health. And Depression during pregnancy is Fatal. What’s more dangerous about pregnancy depression is it just not only affects mother, but her child as well as the chances of depression in your kid when he/she takes birth are high.

The depression experienced by the mother during pregnancy can pass through the placenta and may influence the brain development of the child.

Symptoms of Pregnancy Depression:

Feeling low-spirited most of the time: There are some hormonal changes which occur during pregnancy due to which many pregnant women feel isolated and discriminated against.

Becoming short-tempered: A lot of frustration eject out since there are so many restriction imposed on you while you are pregnant.

Negative thoughts start haunting you: When you are pregnant, a lot of thoughts start building up in your mind, both positive and negative, however, negative are the ones which beset you.

Depression with other factors: Depression can come from other miscellaneous factors as well like death of someone very close to you, or financial problems in the family. This kind of depression blows up your mind and can make you unhealthy.

Now since we have discussed symptoms and why they happen, it’s time for us to tell you remedies for them as well.

Share your feelings: Sharing is caring. You can share your emotions, worries with someone you love. He would be the best person to understand you and also in parallel, he/she will be able to help you out in overcoming those.

Visit a psychologist: A psychologist   will be able to provide you with a therapy or he can give you supportive counselling which will help you in overcoming depression.

Exercise: Exercises like Yoga and other meditation exercises help pregnant women to be more positive minded with less judgmental on their thoughts and feelings at any given moment.



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