Pregnancy after thirty

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  • Being a mother is a gift and there is no specific age to give birth to a child. Women start giving birth to a child from twenties to thirties or above. In women of age below thirty, the kid’s health will be good as the mother is young and energetic. However, pregnancy after thirty is little difficult in some cases. Let us learn more about pregnancy after thirty.

At this age?            

  • Pregnancy in this age is little time taking and it is a long process. The chances of not getting a pregnant are high. In this age, pregnant women can give birth to more than a single child. Multiple births like twins or triplets also are born. The born baby may have an abnormality in their chromosomes. These chances are high when you are above thirty years.
  • As the rate of fertility decreases with age, this will again lead to several psychological problems.
  • During this age, there are chances of miscarriage too. The increased body weight and decreased stamina and strength will also become a hurdle for you.
  • The conception process will be hindered in this age and the fallopian tubes get blocked in some women.

What happens to the delivery?

  • Even a mother is prone to get diabetes or high blood pressure in this age. Moreover, the delivery will not be a normal one. A chance of caesarean delivery will be high in this age. In most of the cases, babies are born healthy. However, the chances of having chromosomal disorders are more when the mother is more than thirty years old.
  • Mother is not only the person responsible for this. Even the father age will also play a role. With increasing age, the fertility and the quality of the semen will decrease. This is one of the reasons for the increase of different disorders in the children. A health care provider can help you in this. Take proper suggestions so that you can get a healthy and proper pregnancy and delivery.
  • If there are any serious problems like kidney or heart problems in the mother, they can become serious.


  • For those who are in a serious career need to give birth to a child before thirty. This is because, during thirty, there are only two options. One is to leave the baby at the day care in which the child gets more habituated to them. The other option is to leave the career and stay with the baby.

Who can help?

  • If there are any abnormalities in the chromosomes, these health services providers will check them and suggest the best ways overcome them. In general, women’s health issue will also come into consideration during the checks. So, make sure you tell everything to the specialist.

In the end, there are chances to give a healthy birth even after thirty till thirty-five. You can follow some IVF techniques or intercourse that is unprotected with your partner. Some health care service providers will help in guiding about this.



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