Physical fitness- Important to live life,Physical fitness, Important to live life

Physical fitness- Important to live life

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Physical fitness is one of the important aspects of everyone’s life. Everybody wants to be fit, but no one wants to work for it. Our day to day activities have gone so bad, that it has started to affect our health. Sleeping late or sleeping less, and waking up late, eating junk food, even after knowing that it is not good for the health.


So, what should we do, so that we are physically fit and can perform in any task that comes in our hand?

Set you Mind: It is your mind that stops you in doing what you really want to. You need have a mindset about the things that you wish to achieve in life. Mind knows the difference between success and failure. You cannot get fit by improving a thing or two from your lifestyle, rather sometimes, everything has to be changed.

Get up and exercise: Sleeping alone cannot solve your problems with physical fitness. Wake up early morning. Stretching your body increases the flexibility which reduces any chance of injuries which can happen for the day to come. The only source exercise can’t be hitting gym alone; rather doing daily household work will also help in giving your body a proper shape.

Take the required amount of proteins per day: It is difficult to get the amount of protein that is required for you per day if you are following pure vegetarian meal. Have meals that are protein rich. Ideally the intake of protein per day should be 1.5 times of your weight.

Eat healthy food: You will always end up deteriorating your health by eating junk food. Remember whatever food looks good will not help you in building up your body, rather the food which looks bad will always be the food which will help in making your body in best shape.

Sleep well: If you are taking 7-8 hours of sleep per day, you are cutting off the nose to spite the face. Healthy mind always leads to healthy body. Healthy sleep Is mandatory for healthy mind.

It might take some time for you to get the type of body you want to, never lose hope. Instead work hard.






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