Myths associated with weight loss in India

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Indian Moms are always full of advice when it comes to weight loss. Not eating after 8 PM to avoiding bananas and potatoes and stopping eating rice are few of those advises. While many of them are true, few of them are plain myths. So, how to determine which one are working and which of them you can skip. We, in this article, will be listing few myths associated with weight loss in India.

Myth #1: You can only lose weight when you eat less

The less you eat, the more you will eat when you feel hungry. When you eat less, you are also skipping the much needed nutrients and proteins which are required by your body. Well, going by myth, you will attract more threats to your body by eating less.

Myth #2: You miss the intake of important proteins if you are vegetarian

While it is true that protein needed by your body can only be fulfilled by eating non vegetarian food, but some vegetarian food can also fulfill the need of proteins for your body. Dairy products such as milk, curd, paneer, pulses, and soybeans are rich sources of proteins.

Myth #3: Skip the breakfast or eat only fruits in breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal for anyone. It provides the kind of energy you require for your hectic day. However, skipping the breakfast is never a good option neither is eating only fruits. Instead of eating only fruits or skipping it, try to have a breakfast which has cereals, milk, and fruits.

Myth #4: Do not eat Potatoes, Bananas etc. if you want to lose weight.

Potatoes and Bananas are really bad if you eating them before sleeping. Instead, if you are taking them in the morning or afternoon, Bananas can give you vital nutrients and fiber which provides you the energy. Potatoes also have nutrients but eating them by frying is harmful to the body.




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