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What Are The Mental Health Problems?

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Every person has to ask this question every day themselves. The world outside is very rough and it is slowly making us ill mentally. All the stress and work we are going through in our everyday life is bringing Mental Health Problems. There are several reasons for a person to have mental health issue.

Every country has these Mental Health Problems in common. These mental health issues are forcing people to commit suicides. Every year, thousands of people are becoming mentally sick patients. The numbers of hospitals are increasing and new diseases are coming. There has to be an end for this. People must be aware of these mental health problems.

India got more than seventeen percent of the world’s total suicides due to different issues. These mental health issues are because of the family relationships, financial problems and addictions. Medications for different issues are under research and some are already out into market.

To overcome these problems experts are suggesting having a proper plan before starting a work. Do not take any work personally, savings and simple living will help people to overcome the financial issues. Regular physical activity can make you feel relaxed. Over thinking and using drugs will shorten your life span. Reading your favourite book can help you. Medication and meditation also helps you.  Consult a doctor if you have any symptoms of health issues.



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