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Mental health issues in females

Women have a lot of patience and they carry heavy responsibilities and weights during their lifetime. With all these things, they face some mental health disorders. Though there are many of them, we are discussing a few of them.

The mental health problems in women are comparatively high than in men. The most common women’s health issues are depression and others. Let us have a look into that.

Most of the women have depression symptoms and they are twice men that get depressed. This is because of many reasons. Family stress, responsibilities in growing children, personal issues, and even their job.

Anxiety also called as an anxiety disorder in women is high. All men and women are sufferers for these disorders. Still, women undergo more of these. They also have some obsessive and compulsive disorders, some panicking disorders, and other types of phobias.

Men and women attempt suicide and in this case, the woman is less when compared to women. The rates of attempts are high in women.

Some women even have disorders in eating also. All the symptoms of mental health problems in women are very different from men.  Some women report a loss of their appetite and some report sleep disorders and these may depend on the biological and cultural and religious influences.

Women are harassed for sexual desires than men and this created some mental disturbance in them. The development of the brain in men and women is different. Even the surrounding in which women live also matters. Apart from these reasons some women shows mental disorders from the family side.

The social factors include the power, working conditions, and domination. This makes the women depressed. These mental conditions will affect the whole life of women and proper counseling and medication are mandatory for a happy living. 



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