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How meditation can help in labor pain

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It is a gift to become a mother. However, during the process of giving birth, a mother takes a lot of pain in the form of labor. Some people take the pain and give birth, while the others are little worried and gets anxious during this pains. Some suggest that taking medicine to overcome the pain is the best way. That is not entirely correct. Let us have a look at the different drugs available for soothing the labor and their side effects.

  • Pregnancy care involves taking good diet and rest to make the baby grow healthy. However, during the process of giving birth, overcoming the labor pain is very hard. During this time, some suggest taking These are a different class, which will help in blocking the sense of pain.

What do they do?

  • They actually block the passage channel from the brain to the receptors. The concept behind these drugs is to make the mother relax and deliver the baby. However, unfortunately, most of the women show negative effects with this. Some will be feeling nausea and some feel breathlessness. They also cause dizziness, sometimes decrease the rate of breathing, and even sedate the baby, which is tough to recover.   


  • On the other hand, tranquilizers are also some drugs relieve the anxiety in a mother. The target is to make a mother anxious free and sleep so that the baby comes out without knowing the pain. However, the babies get the strong effect with this. The born babies will become sluggish. This will also lead to some female health problems.


  • Epidural is suggested as it is just an anesthesia that is injected into the spinal cord and the lower back. This will make the completely lower body numb and the mother can stay awake. This is the best suggested in almost all parts of the world. However, this also had some effects on the mother. Mother feels the pain for few days and the pushing of the baby will be tough as the lower body is numb. The anesthesiologist only does this.
  • Sometimes use of Nitrous oxide for the purpose of analgesic takes place in the hospital. There are no considerable or long-term disadvantages with this. A mother can feel dizzy which will last only for few minutes. This involves pumping of oxygen and nitrous oxide through the nose.


  • The fear of pain will make the situation more complicated and it may even harm the baby. Therefore, a positive feeling towards labor can help in reducing the fear. In the natural methods, the mother needs to control her pain through breathing or even using water births.
  • Different stages of labor needs different medications to overcome the pain. In the first stage, the contractions are not regular and you can go for opioid analgesics that are helpful in holding the pain during stronger contractions. In the other stages epidural is best. However, in most of the cases calmness will succeed.



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