How to maintain Hygine in the kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of any home these days. It is a place where people, irrespective of gender, cook food for their loved ones. It is the place which fuels minds, bodies, and souls of the family and friends. Today, Kitchen is more than the kitchen we think of late 90’s.

When it comes to food preparation in the kitchen, maintaining hygienic environment is really an important factor. If you are not maintaining hygiene in the kitchen area, you may invite many diseases and bacteria can get transferred to your stomach.

Today, in this article, we will write some tips which will help you in maintaining best conditions in the heart of the house called “Kitchen”

  • Washing hands: When you prepare the food, make sure that your hands are clean. Wash your hands with soap before you start cooking. Wash your hands before cooking, after cooking, before meals and after meals. 
  • Do not keep trash bin opened in the kitchen: Keeping trash bin opened in the kitchenmay give an invitation to many harmful bacteria’s which may enter your food and cause harmful diseases.
  • Clean the kitchen shelf everyday: Clean every corner of the kitchen shelf, that too every day. When you do this activity, you make sure that the bacteria’s accumulated during the day is wiped. You can use the mixture of warm water and bacteria disinfectant for this activity.
  • Wash vegetables and fruits before you eat: In India, since vegetables are sold in open and it accumulates a lot of bacterial particles. It is important to wash them before eat to make sure you are eating healthy food in a healthy way.
  • Tie your hairs/ wear kitchen hat while preparing the food: Keeping your hairs tied while preparing food makes sure that no bacteria/ hair is introduced in the food.
  • Clean the storage cleaners on weekly basis: The containers which store food should also be washed on weekly basis.
  • Clean refrigerators, do not keep them dirty: Refrigerators is one place where food/fruits spendmost of the time. It is important to make sure it is always cleaned.



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