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With the tensions growing from different factors, particularly from relationships, complexity in the life has increased as well. How we deal with these complexities has a huge impact on our mental wellbeing. Interpersonal therapy mainly focuses on the areas how these complexities of life affect our wellbeing. This therapy is typically used for eradicating these concerns.

So what actually is interpersonal therapy(IPT)?

This therapy is based on evidence which is typically developed to treat depression. With this time-limited therapy, the person learns the symptoms of depression and the response towards it and also learns the difficulties while interacting with others during the depression. The main motive behind this therapy is to make the person understand the various situations of depression and how to react towards them so that the symptoms which are psychological can improve.

How interpersonal therapy works?

This is a treatment which is manual based. There are mainly 3 components to depression. These are Symptom formation, social functioning, and Personality issues. A typical IPT treatment consists of approx… 16 hours session with 1 session per day. The first few sessions are used for assessing the person about the concerns that he might be facing. If there are multiple issues, all the issues are arranged in rank in order of importance.

What to be expected from IPT?

The therapist works with the patient to explore about his past relationships and the current relationships with the motive of finding out the interference between the two if exists. If those are identified, the focus shifts on improving those. The target is for the patient is to make more of his or her own adjustments.

Techniques used in IPT

The techniques include

  • Identifying the emotions: The therapist, in this technique, will try to find out the patient’s emotion from an unbiased perspective.
  • Expressing the emotions: The therapist helps the patient so that he can express the emotions in the healthier way.
  • Dealing with past issues if any: Check if your past or present relationships are ruining your present life and how to improve on those aspects.



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