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Inside the third trimester seventh month till delivery

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This is the final trimester and a mother gets some relief and some fear about the out coming baby. Every week is crucial for both mother and the child.

First week of the third trimester

  • Though the baby is inside the womb, they can see the light, which is passing through it, as their eyes are slightly open. Those eyes are sensitive to the light. Kidneys start maturing and they filter more urine, sent to amniotic sac. All the limbs are grown and the baby will turn.
  • The blood pumped into the baby contains amino acids that will help in the development of different organs and muscular system. Lungs will continue growing and they are ready to take the outer air. Thousands of cells are developing every day in the brain and brain accommodated them by increasing the folds.
  • The breathing moments takes place as a part of the rehearsal and the muscles are almost developing along with some fat. With the increase in fat levels, the baby’s body now can control own body temperatures. The baby will be very flexible and sometimes the toes of the legs come near to the mouth.

The sixth week in the third trimester

  • In this week, the baby starts moving limbs and this will make the muscles toned. The breathing will also become regular and this moves the chest and the walls of the diaphragm. Everything is in tune and the baby can have a better neural system.
  • The baby stays awake and can sense the surroundings. The nails start growing to the top and the bones get hard in the limbs. All the waste from the amniotic fluid is stored and releases soon after they are born.

Final weeks in the third trimester

  • The lungs are fully-grown and all the legs and arms come close together, as they are ready to shoot out. The antibodies from your blood will protect the baby from different infections, as the protective layer is gone.
  • After birth, the baby can get some antibodies through the breast milk. The brain creates more connections and tunes the movements of the baby. Now everything is ready and the baby is planning to come out in the next week

Inside the mother’s body

  • Mothers start secreting colostrum in the first week of the third trimester. This essential liquid maintains the kid’s health. A mother must observe the kicks and the movement of the baby. The breasts get more blood, they increase their size, and nipples turn to dark color.
  • Mothers may feel burning in the heart and mostly constipation. As a part of the pregnancy care tips, mother is supposed to increase the intake of fiber. Some irregular contractions are noted. The concentration of red blood cells will go low but there is no risk to the child.
  • The increasing size of the belly will bring lot of pressure on the veins that can lead to varicose vein. To stop this you need to rest more. As the date approaches, the heartbeat goes little down and chest pain occurs. You may also feel some breathlessness.
  • Right before the labor, the baby turns upright keeping the head down. This will give you some relief and you can breathe well now. You will start feeling anxious about the labor and little sleeplessness and aches occur.
  • During the last weeks, you need to take more rest as the body is off the limit and needs enough blood to pump.



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