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Why is important for parents to bank cord blood

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Baby cord blood is stored in banks for later use in many countries. After the birth of a baby, they cut the umbilical cord in the hospital and they will send it for disposal. However, studies found that the blood in the umbilical cord contains many secrets that surprised everyone. The blood contains all the required components for the growth of new tissues, immunity system, and even organs.

Why Cord blood?

  • Cord blood has an impressive potential. This cord blood can create new blood cells and this property helped in treating more than thirty thousand types of diseases related to blood and immunity system. Even they use stem cells in treating different cancers. The cells that are responsible for the growth of the baby are available in this cord blood also.
  • The cells from the cord tissue are useful in treating many diseases related lungs, liver and type 1- diabetes. The cord blood of one baby is beneficial for another baby from the same mother. Several researchers are going to find the application of this cord blood in the treatment of brain tumors and other diseases.

What is the process?

  • The process of collecting the cord blood is after the birth of the child so that it does not affect the kid’s health. Researchers are also telling that it is easy to use the cord blood cells instead of digging into the bone marrow. The process of collecting the cells from the bone marrow might disturb the women’s health problems
  • The umbilical cord is first cut and the baby is taken aside. Then a small syringe is inserted in the umbilical cord of the mother. Then some ounces of blood is collected through the vein in the umbilical cord. The sample collected is very small and takes five to ten minutes.
  • Then the blood is processed and it will be stored in required environment so that it can stay active for longer periods of time.

Why is it needed?

  • Leukemia and other blood disorders like anemia uses cord blood for treatment. You can store this blood in different cord blood banks for future use. You can even donate them to so global health care services. This will help others, as many people around the globe are unable to find the right blood group that matches their group. Therefore, the storage banks can help them.


  • The cord blood is injected into the patient and the cells start growing in that body. So, this will help in forming new blood cells and repair the body. People who went through treatments like chemotherapy need some cells to be repaired and the cells in the cord blood will take care of this.


  • Though there are rare disadvantages of this process, the banking of this cord blood is supported all around the world by many researches and medical professionals.


  • This is helpful for many people who are in need of some critical treatments. This is far easier and better than donating bone marrow.



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