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Becoming parents to a newly born baby is always exciting. You start looking forward to the new set of responsibilities that life is going to offer you. Another human being is now dependent upon you for survival. More than anything else, you want to be the best parent possible.

Along with the excitement, the occasion brings stress and fatigue, too. Babies can affect with health issues that are different from other children and adults. So, a lot of care you need to take for them, since they are susceptible to new diseases.

Checking the health on a regular basis: As mentioned, newly born babies are most susceptible to diseases. A lot of care has to be taken while involving them in any activity. However, checking their health isn’t easy. Check for the change in their behavior. Or if their appetite has changed. Or Is your baby breathing properly are some of the major checks that have to be done every day to make sure that your baby is doing fine.

Feed your baby properly: It is quite difficult to decide when your baby is feeling hungry since he can’t speak out his /her needs.  Feeding him milk at regular intervals will him stronger. You can check the behavior. If newborn is crying, that means he is hungry. Also, if his tummy is full, he will probably close his lips.

Maintain a lot of cleanliness in the home: The conditions in the room/house should be extremely hygienic. They don’t have a strong immune system, so they are really susceptible to infection. Make sure that everyone who handles your baby has clean hands.

Research about the products that your baby is going to be fed with: Since the newborn can catch diseases and infections fast, a lot of research has to be done while buying products such as soap, powder. They should not contain anything which can harm your baby.

Do everything gently: Since the muscles of the baby are still in development phase, do every activity gently. Take care of their neck, head positions.



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