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The pollution in Delhi has been one concern that nation has been following closely. However, Delhi is not the only city that has cause this much problem, rather, this is the same story for all our country. We will try to address in this article, what are the ill-effects of pollution on our health and how can you protect yourself from it.

Pollution not only affects physical health, but rather mental health as well. Environmental pollution has been causing serious problems on many people’s health. It can cause stress and many other diseases. Air pollution can lead to cancer and much dreadful disease.

It has also been observed that the pollution inside your homes is more than outdoors. People even experience heart failures due to alarming levels of pollution. Pollution even can cause damage to pregnant women as well. It can lead to burning eyes and cough thus affecting mother and child health. With pollution, there are chances that you can have a premature baby. It can also affect child’s mental health as well.

So, how to prevent yourself from such ill effects?

1)      Avoid air fresheners, Disinfecting sprays, paints, and solvent since they trigger more chances of asthma.

2)      Stop using tobacco and burning candles since they release chemicals which are harmful to human health.

3)      Use air purifiers inside your home. This will help in cleaning the air inside your home. It is a really good option for pregnant ladies so as to keep yourself healthy from pollution.

4)      Include Plant at your home: Planting more will help in lowering the pollution level around you thus keeping you healthy. Some species of plants are more successful at removing indoor pollutants than others. Do bits research on it?

5)      Avoid exercising outside when the level of pollution is high in your area.

6)      Get pollution checked for your vehicle: It is everyone’s responsibility to do their bit for this cause. Get your vehicles checked in every few weeks so that you are not one of the guilty in increasing the pollution.




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