How to Stop Hair Fall Immediately

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Many people lose their hairs in the early period of their life. Hair loss doesn’t only affect hairs, but your body as well. Most of the people lose 100 hairs per day.

You see hairs on most parts of your body. Hairs are made up of keratin protein which is produced in hair follicles .As new hair cells are produced by follicles; old ones are pushed out via the surface of the skin. Those hairs are a string of dead keratin cells. So, how does it all happens and how can you prevent it?

Causes of hair loss

Baldness happens because of excessive hair loss from your scalp. Many people lose their hairs because of heredity issues. Many people ignore the symptoms this getting their hairs lost.

  • Stress is one of the key reasons for hair loss. The more the stress, the more is the hair loss.
  • Using dyes and ironing are also one of the reasons why you see hair loss in your body. If you have been pulling your hairs too tightly, you are hurting your hairs.
  • Chemotherapy, a medicine used for curing cancer can also lead to a lot of hair loss.
  • Poor diet is also one of the reasons of hair loss. If you have taken the diet which is not rich in vitamins can also lead to immense hair loss.

Symptoms of hair loss

If you are experiencing that your hairs are getting thinner and suddenly you see hair loss, it is a major symptom that you may lose out everything from your head in the coming time.

Since hairs contribute a lot towards personality, you may lose your personality and also the self-confidence.

How to get diagnosed with hair loss:

Visit a doctor whenever you see the bulk of your hairs falling down. He may suggest you medications or also can suggest a blood test check for any hidden disease.



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