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Kidney stone can be as small as a head of a pin making it invisible to the naked eye but the pain that a stone ejects is enormous. This disease takes millions of people each year to the hospital. What’s more important to understand is the risk for kidney stones is increased with high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

How is kidney stone formed?

The Stones assemble from chemicals in the urine. Our urine contains a lot of waste. With too much waste in the liquid, little crystals begin to form. These crystals together and form a solid that will become large and will be unable to pass via urine.

With the chemicals like calcium, oxalate, urate, cysteine etc., stones are formed and when these stones that don’t move out with urine, pain starts in the kidneys.

How to get rid of kidney stones then? Shall you go for home therapy for an operation to break out kidney stones? We will get you every possible treatment to help you to get rid of this pain.

Using home remedies:

  • Millet cleans kidneys and eliminates the risk of stones completely. Millet also has high nutritional value. It helps detoxification of kidneys, cleans sand and small stones. You will start getting the results in 10 days.
  • Using lemon juice, olive oil mixture: Mix lemon juice and olive oil and consume this mixture for 3-5 days and see the magic for your kidneys.
  • Using Honey, vinegar and water: Mixing these contents and drinking it 2 times a day will help in breaking the stone that has caused so much pain to you.

Using medications:

Medical treatment should only be taken when the stones aren’t breaking up after home remedies and in adverse conditions. An operation is another option to eliminate stones.

Nonprescription medicine, such as anti-inflammatory may relieve your pain. Make sure you are taking medicines as per doctor’s prescription. Your doctor can prescribe stronger pain medicine if needed.

Anyways, prevention of the disease is always better. Eat food like watermelon and cucumber which has high water content. Avoid food which has high oxalates like Spinach. Spinach reduces Citrate. Citrate helps to keep the stuff from binding into a stone.




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