How the sleeping time of your kid can measure his mental health.

How sleeping time of your kid can measure his mental health.

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How old you are may be a kid, a young person or an older everyone needs a good night sleep and enough rest. People sometimes think it as luxury or a choice but sleep is vital for both physical and mental health. Sleep is as important as breathing and eating.

During sleeping, our body restores energy and preparing ourselves physically and mentally for another day. Sleep makes us to feel better physically and mentally.

During sleep, Growth hormones and other necessary hormones are being created and implemented, repairs cells and tissues, boosts immune system.

Children should have good mental health for living their whole life in a positive way. A good mental health makes them intelligent, keeps active, and improves learning abilities. A good mental health allows kids for good emotional dealings. Having a good mental health means the kid is happy and free from worries.

How sleeping time affects mental health:

There is an interrelation between sleep and mental health and they affect each other reciprocally. Irregular sleeping may raise mental problems or may worse the existing mental illness.

  1. Causes chronic illness
  2. Causes psychiatric problems or disorders
  3. Causes irritability
  4. Reduces decision making abilities and lowers self-esteem
  5. Can cause depression and anxiety thus feeling of loneliness
  6. Lack of sleep can cause swing of moods
  7. Loss of memory
  8. Lack of sleeping can lead to negative thoughts
  9. If anyone have psychotic disorders or bipolar disorders, lack of sleep can make these symptoms worse
  10. Lack of sleep creates lack of attention
  11. Learning ability of the kids may be slowed down due to lack of sleep
  12. Slows reaction time
  13. Lack of sleep or sleepiness reduce creativity in the brain of the kids
  14. Excess sleepiness makes kids less alerted and lack of concentration and the kids become more confusing about a topic. They can’t take judgements quickly.

This shows what will be an ideal sleep time for kids of different age groups.

  1. New born babies (0-3months) should sleep for 14-17hours in a day.
  2. Infants (4-11months) need 12-15 hour sleep in a day.
  3. Toddlers (1-2years) need 11-14hour sleep in a day.
  4. Pre-schoolers (3-5years) need 10-13 hour sleep in a day.
  5. School aged (6-13years) need 9-11 hour sleep in a day.



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