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Most people know that doing sex during periods can lead to many ill effects. But it is basically up to the couples how they would like to go about the sensational feelings. Will they be able to resist themselves till the time your better half is having periods?

While some pairs see this as a different kind of opportunity and are perfectly comfortable with it, while other wait for the right time to happen and let periods go. Sex during the menstrual cycle can be messy sometimes. It is better to use a female condom to prevent blood that will come out during the intercourse.

One common myth among many people is that sex during menstruation is dangerous. No, it is completely normal. Rather, it even has a lot of benefits for both the partners.

Another myth associated is the blood that comes out is really dirty and can harm the penis. It will not harm the penis since the blood is a mixture of both healthy blood and discarded tissues. Instead, this blood acts as a lubricating agent.

There is another misconception that Penis might affect uterus while intercourse during periods. It causes no harm during menstruation to a woman’s uterus.

The girl can still get pregnant during her period time. However, the chances are pretty thin. You can have unprotected sex during this period, but it is better to use protection to avoid any sexually transmitted disease.

There are many other benefits of having sex during Periods. It can help you in relieving from several kinds of pains. It can even cut short the time of periods.

While there are chances of getting an STD, Sex during periods cannot cause HIV infection unless one of the partners is HIV infected.

Since periods are natural and occur every month, there is not much you can do about it. However, we can take care of minor things so that you don’t end up regretting.



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