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The best part of life is having good friends. Friends that help you in spite of whatever time of life you are going through. In short, life is nothing without good friends. But, some people like to isolate themselves from whatever is happening and start thinking that they are the unhappiest person in this world. Loneliness starts haunting them. They don’t socialize with society anymore. They stop interacting with people even who are close to them. All the thoughts that come to their mind are negative.

According to a survey, it has been estimated that getting isolated and low social interaction even cause an early death. In fact, it is as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. It has even higher risk than not exercising and obesity and high blood pressure.  Isolation literally means death. Loneliness also makes us less socially adept.

No good friends and a dearth of broader social contact brings the emotional discomfort. Loneliness signals the there is a need for connection to other individuals. Believing that no one loves you can lead you to make decisions that are bad for you, and perhaps for others as well. People who are lonely are exposed to greater levels of a stress .In the long term, this loneliness can cause destruction on your immune system similarly to chronic stress. People who are lonely tend to spend less time in bed sleeping.

How to avoid loneliness?

Do something which makes you happy: Whenever you feel alone, spend this time doing what you always love to do. Learn something which you always dreamt of. This will prevent you from getting ill effects of loneliness.

Make more and more friends: Start making more friends. Hang out with them. Do some crazy moves.

Stop thinking that you are alone: You only feel lonely when you think about it. Do not let negative emotions take over your brain. Start your day with smile and say “today is my day”

Though in the beginning loneliness appears to be a dark tunnel with no end, but once you start socializing, you for sure, will be more positive and make your own world beautiful.



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