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Think about the number of things we tend to complain every day. We complain about weather, electricity, traffic. Constantly complaining can send us into a spiral of negativity that’s very tough to break. In the process of saying negative things, we ourselves become too negative and these negative thought can also be negative for your health. Too many negative words in the last line right, that’s kind of negativity comes when we complain.

How Negative thoughts affect the brain?

Exposure to negativity strips neurons in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the part of the brain which is used for problem solving and cognitive function. Over the time, complaining becomes more of a habit. Listening to other people complaining also can have the same negative impact on the brain. Complaining also creates negative energy which makes it hard to create a positive outcome. The stress caused by complaining can have a lasting and negative impact on the brain.

How to overcome Negative thoughts:

Focus on Solutions rather than problems: Instead of thinking about problems in life, start thinking their solutions as well. Our mind always thinks of shortcuts. Think about new ways of doing a single thing in multiple ways, be it a shortcut method.

Hang out with people who have positive thoughts: There would be many people around you who always love to talk negative things. Try making a distance from them. You can’t succeed in life when you are with them.

Minimize the amount of stress that you take: Bad mental health also leads to less productivity and financial Stability. Minimize the amount of stress you take every day.

Start meditating: Exercises helps in building strength and endurance. Your mind will also get diverted at least for some time when you meditate.

Always be proud of whatever you do: There would be many things in life in which you got failed. You should not get demoralized. Instead, be proud of the effort you made.

Bring positivity into your thoughts: Think about positive things that happened to you, be like tasting success with your hard work, getting a job, These things are minor, but will leave a positive impact on your mind.



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