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Hold On, This chemical can destroy your kids reproductive system

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People from medical world already know what Gardasil is and how is it beneficial! For those who don’t know what Gardasil is, GARDASIL is an HPV vaccine that helps protect your child against 4 types of HPV of types 6, 11, 16 and 18. Other benefits of Gardasil includes protect against genital warts cases, vaginal cancer cases and vulvar cancer cases.

Before bringing the product in the market, every company carries out certain tests which are positive and negative test cases. Merck, the company which brought Gardasil in the market however, only went for testing only positive things, and forgot to carry out certain test about its drawbacks. The company only came to know about this when a girl from Australia got her ovaries completely destroyed. She entered in early menopause and her life was completely torn apart. This happened since Merck did not test the effects on the female reproductive system.

What is so dangerous in Gardasil?

Gardasil contains polysorbate 80, an emulsifying preservative, and L-histidine, a natural amino acid which are really dangerous for the human body.

Polysorbate 80 is used as an emulsifier used in foods, vitamins, medicines, and vaccines. By consuming Polysorbate 80, the relative weight of the uterus and ovaries are decreased relative to the untreated controls. It also accelerates the maturation among female and also results in deformities of the ovary. It is also causative agent for woman going into anaphylactic shock during pregnancy time.

L-histidine on the other hand can cause formiminoglutamic acid which is an unwanted chemical (FIGLU) to build up in the body which is extremely harmful for human body.

Some people might shake or become stiff after taking Gardasil. Gardasil strictly be taken with doctor’s medicine. Also, it is advised that pregnant women should avoid this medicine.



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