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Help your baby girl to grow tall in 16

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Perhaps you have seen the girls around you is suddenly growing taller  then some of the girls,  their stature is still as much as it was years ago even though most of their family members are normal in height or good in height . First of all this is right that the length and height of your body depends on your genes and after that it depends on your daily routine, physical activity ,sleep and catering routine.

Generally by the time of 16 , the stature growth for a girl completed , by this age they got the height as much they can ,But if you take proper care then you can grow up till the age of 19.

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Some natural way :

Proper and balanced food is the key of healthy body . and a healthy body is the key of good height.Low height girls are generally looks swollen and fatty. That’s why its important to keep track on your diet to keep these two problems away.
Consume  lots of lean protein in diet :

Lean protein is the basic source which help in growth and development of muscles  and bones . which is directly proportional to your height . Egg , fish meat dailry product etc are the basic source of protein.

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Increase the consumption of calcium :

Every one know the relationship of calcium and bones . calcium strengthen the bones which is important in increasing the stature . try to add most of the product in your diet which have a good amount of calcium .

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Consume sufficient zink :

Ground nuts and peas are the basic source of zink. Zink play like of encouragement factor in  teen age to  increase height. Mean , snails and magp also the source of zink.


Vitamin D :

Vitamin D directly help in development of bones and muscles. Most of the girls are the victim of bone related problem. By the consumption  of vitamin D help to get rid from these kind of problems.Sun light is the best source of vitamin D . you can take supplements  well for vitamin D.


Exercise :

If girls regularize their exercise from teen age  they can easily increase their height . A proper diet and regular exercise  is the best way to increase the height . for increasing height we should pick such kind of exercise which include jumping hanging and dancing .

The right amount of sleep :

Generally in teen age girls need at least 8 to 11 hr sleep  and increasing height its very important to take a proper sufficient amount of sleep.

NGH are produced with in our body which is effective in increasing height it is in our pituitary gland and NGH got produced while we are sleeping that’s why the right amount of sleep is important so that sufficient amount of NGH get produce . this Is the first step to increase the height.


Caffeine :

Caffeine directly impact sleep . which directly  impact the harmones which increase the height. Sufficient sleep right amount  of exercise and food are very important in this age. Caffeine reduces the amount of sleep when we take it through soft drinks or coffee.So try to avoid consuming caffeine to keep yourself healthy with adequate sleep.


Smoking :

Teen age is the age where we are full of curiosity we wants to try and experience all things , basically this is the time when we are neither young nor kids anymore. In teen age most of the kid’s tend to tilt towards the bad habits like smoking . it has been proven majority of smokers are small in height . most of the youngster become victims of smoking due to pressure of their seniors and elders and gradually it became habit.

Steroids :

Steroid absorbed by the bones and create many problems in body like small breast size, blood pressure unbalanced and increased risk of heart attack.



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