The Heart-Saving Hormone

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A heart attack is a life-threatening situation which occurs when oxygen fails to reach the heart. Your heart needs oxygen which it obtains from the blood. This oxygen travels through the arteries and if the artery has a blockage, then heart cells die and cause a heart attack.

People who suffer a heart attack don’t live long. But now, with the latest study carried out by University of California, Serelaxing, the hormone relaxin can help in reducing the risk of heart attack. This breakthrough is the first one in over 20 years for treating heart failure. The current medications available in the market reduce the stress on the heart while your heart feels breathlessness and swelling. However, it cannot prevent acute heart failure.

From last few years, people who suffered cardiac arrest were treated with epinephrine which boosted blood pressure. Now, with the new invention, it is found that serelaxing can reduce the rate of heart failure by more than 35 percent as compared to the conventional technique like ACE inhibitor. It is observed that serelaxing starts working and helps the heart as compared the conventional drugs which improved the symptoms.

If numbers are to be believed, more than a million people die every month with cardiac arrest and heart failure. However, looking at the results from the study, people can now start looking at heart attack as a disease which has a cure. Serelaxin also helps in taking the load off the heart and also prevents further damage to the kidney and the heart.

However, if you do not want to get into a situation where you need this drug, doctors do suggest improvements in eating and living habits. This includes eating healthy food and consuming high fibre diet, giving up smoking, cutting down on the salt and meditation.

With the amount of stress, it is really important to take some time off and walk around for few minutes with a little bit of stretching.



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