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When you get a heart attack, you probably have not the time to react and get to any medication. Not all heart problems come with an indication. There are different kind of heart problems few names among them are Coronary heart disease (CHD), congestive heart failure and heart attack.

The heart diseases have more probability to occur if you have an age of 60 or more. Also, there many different kinds of heart problems and each one shows but many share similar warning signs.

Symptoms of Coronary Heart Diseases

Chest Pain: One of the most common symptoms of having a heart disease is a chest pain. When you feel chest pain along with painful feeling in your chest, there are chances that you are suffering from one of the heart diseases. Many people take Chest pain lightly, which should never be done.

Another symptom of Coronary heart disease includes Weakness, Sweating, and shortness of breath.

Symptoms of Heart Attack:

The symptoms of a heart attack can vary from person to person. We are listing some of the symptoms of Heart Attack.

Discomfort while breathing: While most of the heart attacks include pain in the chest, this kind of discomfort usually lasts for few minutes. Sometimes, it also gives a feeling of indigestion.

Pain in the joints: Pain in the joints or arms is another symptom of heart attacks. Sometimes, this pain gets spread to other parts of the body as well including stomach, neck, shoulders etc.

The symptom of heart attack is somewhat similar to Coronary heart disease. The only difference between chest pain in CHD and heart attack is chest pain in case of CHD lasts for few seconds while for heart attack, this pain Is somewhat extended.

Other symptoms of heart attacks include tiredness, Nausea, and sudden dizziness.

Symptoms of Congestive heart failure (CHF)

CHF happens in an environment in which the heart is unable to meet the body’s needs. The symptoms of CHF includes

Diminished exercise capacity: A person’s energy seems to be lost and he is unable to carry out any kind of exercise.

Shortness of Breath: A person feels the discomfort while breathing.

The treatment for CHF can vary from modifying the person’s lifestyle to medication and sometimes therapy as well.

With all these deadly diseases, it is important to keep your heart healthy. You can have a good healthy heart if you eat healthy food. Remember, what looks good is never good for your health, rather the food which doesn’t look good is always good for your heart.




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