Healthy way to teach your kid self-esteem.

Healthy way to develop self-esteem in your kids

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Self-esteem is the feeling to being capable of doing a work, how a person value himself/herself and feeling loved inside. Kids with high self-esteem know their strengths and weaknesses, feel good inside for themselves and have better approach towards conflicts, challenges and negative things. They enjoy their life fully. They are realistic and optimistic.

Kids with low self-esteem find themselves back foot towards challenges, they have anxiety and frustration. They think that they are incapable and they can’t find solutions to the challenges they face. They are depressed. They value themselves lower. They usually hesitate to try new things and give up easily. This can lead to risk of stress, mental illness and performing to different challenges.

Healthy self-esteem is like a kid’s shield against the challenges of the world. Healthy self-esteem is achieved when there is a good balance between achievements and love. Healthy self-esteem is associated with social and academic successes.

So, parents should think about developing and promoting self-esteem during childhood. As kids, they try things, fail some time, and succeed some time but every case they learn something and develop ideas about their own capabilities, create self-concepts.

These are the list of duties as a parent for healthy self-esteem of their kid.

  • Make your kid feel special- During childhood spent time with your kid as much as possible. Focus on your kid’s strengths and weaknesses. Appreciate them for their good deeds and let your kid relaxed and enjoying. Highlight their strengths. Be affectionate and say him/her that why you feel proud for your kid.
  • Boost skills- self-esteem is related to problem solving skills. Let him/her to solve a situation themselves. How he/she handles the situation will be helpful. Playing, reading, engaging in a work teach them a lot.
  • Motivate your kid- Avoid bad comments and give accurate positive feedbacks.
  • Don’t compare your kid with any other kid or siblings
  • Encourage to help others
  • Make realistic goals for them and don’t put any burdens
  • Be careful about the environment- Kids learn from the environment. They learn by seeing, hearing and comparing themselves with others. An abusive and unsafe environment lowers kid’s self-esteem.
  • Allow your kid to express himself/herself fully.
  • Maintain a healthy diet with nutritious foods and adequate sleep for 8 to 10 hours daily.



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