What happens during the second trimester

What happens during the second trimester – fourth moth to sixth moth?

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Several changes take place in the growing baby and the mother during the second trimester. After twelve weeks, the baby size will increase along with the weight.

First week of the second trimester

  • In this week, you will find bigger changes in the baby. The torso of the baby starts growing long. Until now, the feet and hands are webbed. However, during this week, they will be free and the toenails will start the development. Small bones in the feet and the arms start forming.
  • The volume of the blood increases in the mother and feels a little discomfort. All you need to do is take some vacations and keep your exercises regular. Keep a watch on female health problems.

Second week of the second trimester

  • In this week, the umbilical cord will become thick and even longer. This is because of the rate of transportation of blood rich in oxygen and other essential nutrients to the baby increases.
  • There will be an excess flow of blood into the mucous membranes of the mother. This results in bleeding of nose and headaches. A mother can now feel some digestive problems like constipation and even indigestion as the releasing hormones are changing the total system in your body.

Third week of the second trimester

  • Kidneys of the baby start their work and they purify the blood and sends out the waste. Eyes will start their movement and the brain works very fast which sends faster signals.
  • Due to the hormonal secretion, a mother can feel fluffy with a lot of hair. The hair fall decreases and the nails increase their size and become stronger.
  • In the next weeks, you can find the baby heartbeat and the heads start growing slowly. The sexual organs of the baby start developing in this trimester. Because of the adequate supply of nutrients and calcium teeth of the baby, starts growing but gums cover them for a certain period.
  • The fingerprints are well developed and the facial features complete their development and the eyeballs start moving from one side to the other. The legs and bones start growing and the sensory system will start developing in the brain.
  • The skin of the baby starts developing and this needs protection from the waste as urine releases from the body. To do this a white and wax type layer forms around the skin. Now the skin takes its form of two layers. Fat will start its deposition under the skin.

Ninth week of the second trimester

  • In this week, you will find different feeling in your womb. The bones of the ears start growing and this makes the baby listen to the sounds. As a result, the baby starts kicking.
  • In the next week, hair on the skin, eyes will grow along with the nails. Lungs are developed and the baby can hear you and recognize your voice and turns the head in response to the sound. The memory also develops. In the next week for a boy, the testes will move towards the scrotum from the abdomen.

In the mother

  • A mother can find some dark spots on her cheeks and other places on the face and even on the abdomen. Heart rate will increase, hip and the back starts pain, digestion process will be slow and results in constipation. Stretch marks will appear and muscles cramping takes place in legs. Hands and legs will swell. The need of pregnancy care is more in this trimester as your body is changing.



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