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What happens during the fourth month of pregnancy?

In pregnancy it is vital to dealing with soundness of both, mother and kid. During the top pregnancy care body will experience enormous changes to help your child develop inside you. The body’s stance changes as the pregnancy advances. During pregnancy period you endure a few issues like, tiredness, morning disorder, obstruction, spinal pain, acid reflux, swelling in your lower legs, feet and hands and so on.

Strange things happen during his month. You will feel everything different. Extra estrogen produces in the body. Sexual pleasure will increase as the mucous release increases. This also changes the women’s health issues.

There are few noticeable changes in the body. You will feel the movement of the baby. This is an amazing experience. Your hormone levels get stabilized and this will make you stay active and energetic. Due to the release of progesterone, you will feel the change in your hair growth and skin complexion. The hair becomes shiny and lush.

Even the organs become active in their work. Kidneys filter everything at a normal rate in normal humans. However, during this fourth month, their filtering capacity increases to sixty percent.

The baby starts hearing you. In this stage, the baby hears your voice and makes a bond. Therefore, you need to talk with them and if possible sing for them. Sometimes they respond to your voice. This depends on the kid’s health condition.

The other process that happens during the fourth month is your breast start making colostrums. This is very precious liquid, which occurs in the mother’s body and is useful as the first feed for the baby. There is no artificial method to prepare this. Therefore, a baby gets it from the milk of a mother.

The size of the baby grows well into a size of an avocado. The baby responds to light though their eyes are close in the womb. The hair of the baby grows during this stage. The kidneys of the kid start producing urine also. The baby occupies the space and moves freely in the womb. Even the ears develop so that they can hear from the womb. Lung development starts at this stage and they start expanding.



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