What happens in your body during pregnancy

What happens in your body during pregnancy?

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From the moment you confirm that you are pregnant, you will be experiencing different changes in your body. This is not only due to the secretion of hormones but also due to the increasing size of the baby. All these changes occur in your body to nourish and provide proper space for the baby.

The following parts of your body undergo for certain functions. Let us have a look.


  • Usually, people smell something when they are near to it, but during pregnancy, a mother can smell anything from a farther distance than usual. This is because the increased blood circulation will make the sense of smelling high. This is to protect you from any possible harm.


  • As the size of the baby increases, the lungs adjust themselves upward and goes back a little. In this stage, your breathing capacity will increase. When your intake of air is high, enough oxygen will be supplied to the baby as well as to your body parts.


  • This is a muscle that helps in controlling your breathing normally. During pregnancy, this diaphragm is moved little up. This will help to increase the lung capacity and you can take deeper breaths.


  • This will send signals to the brain about hunger by carving and to stop eating unhealthy food by making you feel sick. This is again to protect you and your growing baby. Based on this you need to follow some pregnancy care tips


  • During normal time your intestine acts quickly and sends the food to your digestive system. But during pregnancy the process is slowed down. This will help in increasing the energy intake and make you feel energetic.


  • This particular part is tight during your normal days. But when you are pregnant this starts widening. The walls become thin and this will help in giving you a free delivery during the labor. When the baby is ready to come out this will become soft.


  • First the embryo settles here and then the baby grows. For this the muscle thickness will increase and the increased muscular walls will help in pushing the baby out. Once you are in your third trimester you will feel small contractions in your uterus, which is a rehearsal for the delivery.



  • This will help in making the bond between you and your baby emotionally. This sends signals to other parts to respond at the right time to maintain the kid’s health.


  • Usually liver purifies your body by sending out the waste. But when you are pregnant, liver must do work for you and your baby. Which means the load increases and as a result it grows its size.


  • Though they are normal in size before pregnancy, they start increasing in the later times. This is because your breasts starts producing milk. Colostrum will be made in this process and you can see little bump like structures formed around your nipple.


  • Normal heartbeat will increase when you are pregnant. Instead of beating for 65 per minute, it beats 75 per minute. This is because you and your baby needs blood and nutrients also.
  • Spinal cord will maintain your balance, pelvis provides protection to your uterus, hips store extra fat, veins and arteries will pump more blood.



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