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Hair Loss Remedies As Per Hair Type

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One of the most common problems faced by everyone today is Hair loss. Common in both men and women, there are lots of factors that play a key role in hair loss. It may be due to a health issue or heredity problem.

While hair s contributes a lot in our personality making and confidence, we tend to overlook their health most of the times. There are simple ways that too natural which can solve most of the problems related to hairs and their hygiene. We, in this article, will try to provide some of the best tried and tested tips which can improve the hygiene in your hairs and give you best hair care tips according to each hair type.

  1. For Dull Hair: Egg mask is one of proven solution for the people who have dull hair. The egg has certain properties that can the softness in your hairs. The egg also has a high level of proteins, zinc, iodine and phosphorus which will not only give your hairs shiner look but also make your hairs healthy.
  2. For Dry Hair: If you have Dry hair, you can probably opt for solutions such as massaging your hairs with butter which will give them the glossy shine. You can also put olive oil and mix with honey. Honey rejuvenates dry and damaged hairs.
  3. For Oily hair: You can have oily hairs if you have been eating too much of oily food or suffering from excessive stress. You can use Lemon juice. Lemon contains vital vitamins and minerals which promote healthy hairs. Lemon also balances the pH level of the scalps. Applying this for three weeks will give you the best results. You can also use Aloe Vera which helps in getting rid of oily hairs and is also nourish the hair roots.
  4. For Normal Hair: Onion juice has anti-becterial properties which help in killing the germs and can also treat scalp infections. Onion juice also has high sulfur content which improves the blood circulations to the hair follicles.

There are many other remedies you can opt for hair loss problem. Look out for articles on hair loss in our blog section.




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