Tips to get rid of headache instantly

Get rid of headache in 15 min

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Headache is such a pain that doesn’t let you to concentrate on anything. You cant sleep, you cant do any work, such is the impact of headache.

Well you need to understand what causes headache and how can you get rid of it within seconds:

Why headache happens?

Headache results from some chemical activity in the brain.pain occurs when pain sensitive structures are unable to work properly.

Headache primarily consists of cluster headache, migraine and tension headache.

How to get rid of headache?

1) Drinking grape juice: Grapes are great pain relievers. You might have hated grapes all your life, but after your pain takes a nap, you will fall in love with grapes for sure.

2) Use ice packs: Apply ice packs over the forehead will help you in giving quick relief from headache.Headache becomes numb by doing this activity and this also improves blood circulations in the body.

3) Distraction techniques:Use techniques which distracts your mind from pain.Pain ultimately happens when you start feeling it.Use certain techniques like meditation, prayer to divert your mind.

4) Drink lemon juice:lemon is a powerful ingredient that helps in curing headache.Lemon mixed with warm water results in immediate relief from headache.

5) Apply pressure on the root point: The root point for headache is at the top of the center of the eye point.Applying pressure at this point helps in curing headache at the earliest.This will release endorphins and will help in curing headache.

6) Try shirshasan: This headstand  exercises increases the flow of blood in the head which increases the oxygen level and stops headache instantly



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