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Due to the advancement in the technology, we tend to use a lot of digital devices without taking any break or take less number of breaks that cause eye strain. Eyes are the most important part. A lot of care has to be taken care of. Working in low lights or lack of sleep cause eye strain can lead to eye strain.

With eye strain, you start to suffer from irritation, difficulty in concentration or being focused. Headaches and back pain are also few of the symptoms.

If you wish to be free from the eyes related issues, we bring to you some of the home remedies that can help you in gaining good vision.

1)      Use of Rose Water: Rosewater has many anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties which help in protecting from the dust, pollutants, redness, inflammation of the eye. It is also an excellent eye wash. Rose water reduces the stress that comes after sitting for long hours in front of computer and television screens.

2)      Use Cucumber slices to get relief: Cucumber slices helps in reducing swelling around the eyes or the big dark circles under your eyes. Cucumbers are the best and natural eye pads you can find for yourself.

3)      Use reflexology for eye strain: Reflexology is applying pressure to different parts of your body to relieve ailments. Using Acupressure Points near the Eye, point between your eyes can help you in getting the much-needed relief.

4)      Cleaning eyes with cold water: If you wash eyes with cold water, then you can reduce the dark circles of eyes. The dark circles are caused by an impairment of blood circulation in your eyes. Washing eyes with cold water is a good way for you to relieve fatigue and reduce dark circle of eyes.

You can also take some precautions by which you can prevent eye strain. These include adjusting the lighting while you operate some digital device, you can limit the amount of time you spend on digital devices. Take small breaks in between the work so that your eyes can take a bit of rest.



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