How to get your child grow taller

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Every parent wants their children to possess good height. However, children’s height is dependent on many genetic and non-genetic factors. If most of the family members are shorter in height, that will imply that the future generation is likely to have short stature. There are few non-genetic factors as well such as diet, amount of sleep, kind of lifestyle.

If you are short in height, the factors apart from genetics can be a lack of physical activity, inadequate nutrition etc. But you can always do something and try to maximize the height growth in your children. In this article, we will collate few ideas which can help in increasing the height in the most natural way.

  1. Exercise: Growing taller is a combination of things and exercises play a crucial part in it. Exercises such as sit and reach, Hanging and keeping your hands and stretching them improve the flexibility in your body. Swimming, Biking, and skipping are also few of other exercises. Being sincere with these exercises can really make a big difference.
  2. Sleeping: Give your child adequate sleep. This, although doesn’t have a direct impact with height increase, but is an important component. Make sleeping environment as comfortable as you can so that your child can take at least 8-10 hours of sleep. During the time your child will sleep, the body regenerates tissues and grows.
  3. Foods: Most of the food these days have artificial flavors or are unhygienic. Unhygenic foods hamper the child growth and your child may miss other essential nutrients which he requires at that age. Instead go for nutrients such as Vitamin D, Calcium, and Minerals which are good for the physical development of your child’s body.
  4. Stronger Immune system: If your child has great immunity to fight against diseases, then there are great chances that you child will have a good metabolism. For a great immune system, various vaccinations are suggested by doctors time to time. Give your child a fruit diet which is not only healthy but also has necessary elements for enhancing the height.

While you try the above tips, you should also stay away from bogus drugs which are harmful to your child’s health.



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